The building block of any relationship is TRUST. At VASQ PR, our mission is to establish TRUST between our clients and the people they serve.


VASQ PR represents businesses, organizations, products and individuals we believe in. Our selectiveness about clients makes VASQ PR different than most agencies. It is also what helps VASQ PR succeed in developing authentic and honest awareness campaigns. 


We are not a publicity shop, but our campaigns secure media coverage. We believe that publicity is not the goal, but the result of a campaign that makes a difference in people's lives. At VASQ PR, "P" stands for people.


VASQ PR was founded in 2010 by New York City PR veteran, Joseph Vasquez, who left the bright lights of Manhattan for the scenic Hill Country area of Austin, Texas. In 2014, the firm moved to the Greater Houston area.


In 2020, VASQ PR transformed as a completely virtual agency with remote workers across the globe. It was selected as one of the best 14 PR firms in 2020 in Houston by

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The VASQ Approach

The Formula to A Winning Campaign

Everything we do starts with a vision. This is the first step in developing a meaningful public relations program. Understanding the vision of your company, its people, services and products, is critical in developing the message that will resonate with your key audiences. To succeed in conveying your message, whether to a small group of individuals or to a national audience, it is important that your ambassadors are on board with your vision. It's tough to sell an idea if one doesn't believe in it.

An honest assessment of your company's current communications program is the next step in reaching our shared vision. If you don't have one currently in place, don't be concerned. We are here to help develop and implement one for you. To do so, it is important to conduct in-depth conversations with you and your employees beginning from the bottom up. Why start at the bottom? Because they're usually the majority, and an honest opinion from them about your company will be beneficial in developing a message that is genuine, sincere and on target.

The next step is developing a strategic plan that will help attain our public relations objectives. The strategies implemented are based on the vision and assessment of your company. We will not create strategies that are not in line with our shared objectives. In other words, there won't be a "one size fits all" plan, which are commonplace at many PR agencies. We thrive on innovative and creative ideas.

The final step is not the end, but the beginning. Our success in attaining your PR objectives is based on a quest that we take together. There may be ups and downs during this ride, but if we believe in the same goals, we will be able to reach our vision. During this quest, we will develop a realistic way to measure the distance we've covered together at designated points in time.